Breaking Free

  Breaking Free Twenty-seven dollars and ninety–nine cents for an eight foot Christmas tree?  Wow!  The price seemed too good to be true- causing suspicion in my mind.  An eight-foot tree would normally cost at least seventy dollars or more, […]

Time to Recharge

Happy Wednesday! I am honored to share my friend  Mrs. Angela Wells! Angela is a gifted vocalist with God’s anointing on her life.  Angela and her husband Orson Wells are in ministry, both in their local church and beyond.  You will enjoy reading Angela’s article below.  Angela […]

Lessons from Miss Chameleon   By LaTan Roland Murphy I recently researched Chameleon’s. Chameleon’s are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards. I enjoy researching different things in order to use off-the-cuff material for speaking events across the country. […]

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