Counting My Blessings


Today I am counting my blessings and feeling blessed as a result.
I don’t know about you, but things get pretty crazy at my house – especially around the holidays.

My head is reeling with all that needs to be done. I’m guessing yours is too!

Right now, I’m drinking-in the last of the colorful leaves clinging to the trees outside my kitchen window. There’s so much to be done before loved ones gather around our tables.

Truthfully, it makes no sense that right in the middle of a rushed travel day I’d choose to sit down, prop my feet up, give myself permission to enjoy the process of lingering – of noticing – of remembering how truly blessed I am:

How blessed I am to be physically able to hear the birds singing happily on my leaf-covered deck.

To celebrate my husbands silly prankster ways – even when he scares me half to death.

How blessed I am to remember times spent with really awesome friends this past year. Friends who love me fiercely and help make me a better person – just by being who they are.

So today I challenge you to take a break. Yep! Right in the middle of the mess!

Give yourself permission to: Linger, notice, remember the things you are thankful for, too.

My list is long, and rich, and priceless. Some of your names are written in the side-lines of my heart and high-lighted with pure gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ya’ll! I pray this will be the best you’ve experienced so far because you took the time to count your blessings!

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