From Cynthia Howerter

Assurance_150A friend suggested that I listen to ASSURANCE, a CD by Christian vocalist LaTan Roland Murphy.  Having never heard Ms. Murphy’s voice, I didn’t know what to expect.

After pouring a cup of oolong tea, I settled into a cozy chair, anxious to hear what treasures awaited me.  Several measures into the first song, my ears perked when I realized that Ms. Murphy isn’t your run-of-the-mill vocalist.  What clearly came out of the speakers was a trained contralto voice, rich in sound, clear in enunciation, and wide in range.

One of my favorite pieces is “Blessed Assurance” in which LaTan and her daughter DaNae Murphy sing a duet.  The voices of mother and daughter beautifully compliment each other, and they are accompanied by a violin and cello that, along with a slow tempo, give the song a Celtic sound.  It’s unlike any rendition I’ve ever heard.

This is the type of CD that you pop into a player when you want music to help soothe the jagged edges of a rough day or to help pass myriad miles on a long car trip.  Want to begin your day with a peace that stays with you?  ASSURANCE couldn’t be a better choice.

Ms. Murphy’s brother Dennis passed when he was 48 years old from cancer, and after his homecoming, Ms. Murphy felt a tug on her heart to make a CD for her family as a way to help them find healing.  Ms. Murphy titled the CD after Dennis’ favorite hymn.

Looking for beautiful Christian vocal music?  Look no further.

Cynthia Howerter