God’s Provision In Tough Times

Faith – Prayer – Courage – Steadfastness:   I feel empowered just saying each word.  But real power is experienced when faith, prayer, courage and steadfastness is lived out, put into practice. This is the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

I watched, listened, and learned from my grandparents, and parent’s reactions during times of financial hardship.  These memories have often carried me through bleak days marked unwontedly on my life calendar.  Little did I know their perseverance  would display powerful survival tactics creating endurance – as I encountered my own financial despair.

Pain becomes power as we find courage to share.  I am honored to share the financial hardships my family has endured throughout the pages of our new book entitled:  God’s Provision in Tough Times.  With pen in hand my vulnerability turned honest in hopes you might find strength in your time of financial despair and/or unemployment.

Perhaps you are going through some other tough time.  Be sure to order your copy of God’s Provision in Tough Times today.  You will be amazed by how many different kinds of trials each chapter represents.  Each contributing writer penned their painful experience, sharing  one common purpose:  The desire to help YOU!  We pray you will find faith through prayerful living along with courage and steadfastness of heart as you walk through your own difficult circumstance.

You are not alone friend.  Order your copy today on We would love to hear how God met your need during difficult times and how our book helped you find hope in the midst of hardship.  So be sure to leave a review after reading it.

God’s Provision in Tough Times includes personal accounts by Authors Cynthia Howerter ( and LaTan Roland Murphy ( –  along with guest writers:   Alycia W. Morales, Beth K. Fortune, Carrie Fancett Pagels, Cecil Stokes, Dan Walsh, Deborah Raney, Dee Dee Parker, Eddie Jones, Eva Marie Everson, Felicia Bowen Bridges, James L. Rubart, Ramona Richards, Roger E. Bruner, Tamara D. Fickas, and Torry Martin

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