Hylton Memorial Chapel

At a women’s conference, I had the opportunity to meet a very extraordinary lady. As La-Tan Murphy took her place at the podium to speak, I could sense that she had a message for those present. Even though I had never met her before that evening, her caring and compassionate spirit gave me the feeling that I had known her all my life. There was nothing superficial about her, but she was a real person…genuine. There was no arrogance about her, but a spirit of humility. I watched the faces of those she ministered to and they soaked in every word spoken.

At the conclusion of the meeting, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to La-Tan and found that she was the same off stage as she was on stage. Working at a Christian event center, I have many opportunities to meet many well-known artist and speakers. I found that La-Tan had the same passion and spirit as I had witnessed when meeting Stephen Curtis Chapman. These are people that impact our world for Christ.

La-Tan Murphy is an instrument that God is using to make a difference in our world today. I feel very blessed and honored to have met her and to have been blessed by her ministry.

Rev. Shelby J. Boldt
Executive Director
Hylton Memorial Chapel (
Woodbridge, VA