Simply Bliss

Hey Friends,

I’m so happy you stopped by!
Today, I am letting you in on a little secret—an incredible company with a mission to encourage women to dress with strength and dignity called: Simply Bliss Boutique!

For some time now, I’ve wanted a vest to sport on cool, fall days; so, you can imagine my excitement when I received my order in the mail from Simply Bliss—just this week!

What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share the love with you guys? Or, in this case, the BLISS?


Such quality! Such quality!

A few of the features I like most are: The soft inner-lining, the hoodie, and the draw-stringed waist.
I also really like the pockets—both on the sides of the vest and the front—lots of room to drop your cell phone, cash, and favorite lip-gloss into, before heading out the door for a brisk walk in the mall, or the woods.

Rainy day options! Rainy day options!

(Yes, for a walk in the woods you do need your phone to call for help, the money to bribe the bear while waiting for help to arrive, and the lip-gloss to kiss the bear, gratefully, for NOT eating you…Bwahhh!)

Seriously, what an honor it is to write a review for Simply Bliss Boutique—a product-line I can honestly say is awesome! Not to mention quality comfort at a “simply blissful” price!



Check out their website today and comment with what you want most and I will enter you to win a $25 Gift Card to Simply Bliss Boutique! I will announce the winner on October 4, 2016!

Oh, and when your order arrives, post a picture of yourself and ‘TAG’ me, and Simply Bliss, so I can do a ‘happy-dance’ with you!

Have a ‘Simply Bliss-full Day!

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